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The Turnaround Group provides management and consulting services to businesses that recognize the challenges they face. Our services can assist you in reducing debt, increasing cash flow, resolving creditor problems, and obtaining needed financing. The challenges may include ongoing losses, inadequate cash flow, strained banking relations, unpaid payroll taxes, increasing accounts payable and landlord problems. No matter what your business challenges might be, we can quickly evaluate your situation and assist you in taking swift corrective action.

We look at your entire company – from operations, asset inefficiencies and excess debt. If your company is looking for assistance in solving crucial business challenges, we can assist you. The Turnaround Group advises company owners, management, board of directors, legal counsel, private equity firms and investors regarding a company’s viability, operations, assets and debt structures including restructuring alternatives. We have the experience and skill to quickly resolve your business problems so that you can get back on track to running and growing your business.

You are invited to call us to set up a no obligation consultation to discuss your needs with the utmost confidentiality.

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