Performance Benchmarking


Businesses who would like to increase their profits and cash-flow first need to find out just how others in their industry are doing financially using performance benchmarking. You need to know your “best in class” competitor’s gross margin, profit percentages and other key financial metrics in order to determine just what is achievable within your industry.

At the Turnaround Group, we analyze your company’s key financial numbers and then tell you what they mean in plain English in a written report by way of charts, graphs and a simple bar chart scoring system.

We then compare your company’s financial data to that of the top financial performers in your industry to exposure where opportunities lie for improvement.  We then help you implement and plan to achieve those improvements.

Here’s are a few examples of what we address:

  • Profit & Profit Margins – levels of both gross and net profits
  • Sales Growth – level of sales growth over the years
  • Borrowing – how effectively they are managing debt
  • Assets – how effectively they are utilizing their gross fixed assets
  • Employee Count – their sales and profits per employee

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