Your Business Symptoms


While it is not always obvious what the exact cause of a company’s fall from profitability are, there are several symptoms which can be an early indication that financial distress or a potential failure could be right around the corner. If your business is experiencing many of these symptoms, it could be an early warning you need to be concerned about and take immediate action.

  • Your bank wants out of the loan
  • Creditors are calling for payment
  • Getting behind in your payroll tax deposits
  • High employee turnover
  • High accident rate
  • No documented Employee Job Description and/or Responsibilities
  • Low equipment utilization
  • Bank overdrafts
  • Erratic or untimely customer delivery
  • Manufacturing facility and offices appear unorganized
  • Inability to pay expenses and/or vendors in a timely manner
  • Inefficient work flow
  • High rework and scrap rates
  • Very little management and employee interaction or communications
  • Excessive work in process inventory
  • Aged accounts receivables (approaching 90 days for the average)

To achieve any meaningful and long lasting remedy to a company’s financial distress, any business restructuring needs to be addressed from both the financial (balance sheet) and operational (profit & loss statement) aspects. Otherwise, in most cases, your company’s new found cash flow from resolving operational issues may be insufficient to support your business. Ineffective use of operating assets and excess use of secured and unsecured debt can cripple any business. We address all these issues in our assessments.

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